Registers name

Premium Ride Oy Customer-registry

Registry holder

Premium Ride Oy

Punakiventie 8B

01700 Vantaa

Contact person in matters regarding the registry

Markku Hämäläinen Phone +358-10 406 6777

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Personal data is collected based on customer contract or other reasons related to customer relations.

Management of personal data and uses of customer-registry

Personal data defined in GDPR and other related personal data is used to maintain, advance, analyse, compile statistics and produce services related to customer relationships.

The data included in the customer-registry can be used by the registry holder for direct advertising, direct marketing and other related courier services and web marketing.

Description of customers and customer groups

Person has or has had a customer relationship or application or offer to establish a customer relationship with the company.

Contents of customer-registry

The customer-registry can contain following data: Customers basic information such as name, postal address, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and profession, – contact persons name, postal address, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and profession, -information and data related to customer relationships or other information related to using the service, – information about numbers related to direct marketing and restrictions related to direct marketing, – information related to billing debt collection, – information about communications related to customer service, and -other information related to maintaining customer relationships.

Information sources for the customer-registry

Personal data is collected when customer contacts the company with needs for service, using the service and/or other situations related to customer relationships.

Data transfers

Personal data can be transferred only with the consent of the customer or according to current validated legislation.

Data transfers outside of EU or ETA

Personal data can be transferred outside of EU or ETA for producing services or for management processes. Transfers respect the clauses of GDPR, and all information is transferred using secured data transfer connections.

Principles of securing the customer-registry

Maintaining personal data follows regular customs of information management, due diligence and requisition process of access rights dictated by the GDPR.

Maintaining data is implemented using necessary technical and organizational procedures to secure the information from accidental or illegal data disposal, moving, transfer or other illegal processing.

Access to personal data is limited to those company employees that are required to handle personal data due their work assignments.

Digitally stored data is secured by firewalls, passwords and by other required technical means. Data stored in papers are stored in locked spaces.

Preservation times and criteria.

Personal data is preserved only as long as it is necessary for the usage of that data. Deletion times and customs will be defined by need and old and unnecessary data will be deleted. The obligation to preserve data can also be defined by legislation.

Customer rights

A customer has the right to inspect his/her personal data in the customer-registry. Inspection request must be sent in written form with a signature to the designated contact person. Inspection request can also be presented to the contact person at the designated company address.

A customer has the right to request correction for incorrect information regarding his/her personal data.

Under certain circumstances, a customer has the right to request a deletion of his/her personal data or a transfer to another registry holder.

A customer has the right to deny the usage of his/her personal data to direct advertising, direct marketing, distant selling or to other marketing research.

A customer can be directed with digital direct marketing with his/her consent. A customer has the right to cancel his/her consent at any time.

Possible disagreements will be primarily solved by negotiating directly with the customer. A customer also has the right to handle personal data disagreements with data protection authority.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is written according to the GDPR act implemented on 25.5.2018, and it will be updated if necessary.

Order of precedence

This Privacy Policy is translated to different languages. In cases of differences between the translated versions, the ruling Privacy Policy is the one written in Finnish language.