Life is a journey. Our service promise is to be trustworthy transportation partner on your journey.​

Premium transportation

Premium transportations are always unique. When you need to represent your company or yourself, we plan every ride with care, in advance and according to every little detail, with the passengers need and safety in mind.

Charter rides

Whether your need is to move from the office to a dinner, or at dawn from the hotel to the airport, our drivers are there to promptly welcome you.

We understand that transportation services are an important utility to business-life, and that schedules are not always known in advance. In these cases, we plan a standby -transportation service, where our drives will accommodate to your schedules and needs.

Airport transportation

Our drivers follow the flights arrival on real-time and they will be waiting for you at the arrivals lounge. You can identify our drivers from a tablet that has your company’s name or logo.

Wedding and special occasion transportation

The most important celebrations of your life require elegant and flexible transportation service and we know how to do that. With celebration transports we can provide flowers and decorations within our cars according to your needs.

Courier services

We want to be a holistic service to our clients. Especially in the business world there will be situations where transporting items requires special care and trustworthiness. Sometimes speed is the key factor. With courier service needs, contact our sales services and we will arrange the service you require.

Our company operates mainly on Uusimaa- and Helsinki metropolitan area. If you require services somewhere else, contact our sales services!

We don’t offer tradition Taxi services, but we carry all our transportations as PremiumClass charter rides.

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